Welcome to Next360. An innovative and disruptive company specialising in bridging the gap between, what you wish to have and the money in your pocket. At Next360, we believe in offering affordable and innovative lifestyle products and services so that you can live a simple but sophisticated life. Our services cover Telecommunications, Financial and Insurance Sectors. We believe life was never meant to be complicated therefore, we create products that are simple to understand and easy to use.

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Get the Money Card that offers significant benefits.

NextMoney is a revolutionary way of giving you the extra money you need every month-end, without you facing the burdens of high-interest rates, inflated services fees and being offered benefits you don't need. It is a combination of what you like about a Credit card and what you enjoy from a good Benefits Card. Let us put an extra 15% of your salary into your hands every month, for you to cover all those sudden expenses that seem to pop up unexpectedly on our month-end budgets.

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Discover South Africa’s
BEST Tourist SIM Card.

NextCellular is the first South African cellular network made especially for tourists. It offers specialized plans for tourists with an array of value added services, to make those away from home feel at home. With nextcellular, you avoid long queues and documentation hassles when you arrive at the airport and get connected the simple way.

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Insurance made SIMPLE,
no hassles, no fuss.

We believe it’s our responsibility to make insurance simple so that you understand what insurance you`re taking and what you get out of it. At NextInsure we take time to understand your unique needs, worries and hopes. Then we tailor make a package that suits your requirements and answers to your worries.

Whether you are insuring your home, car, yourself or your business, we will give you the best possible package. Insurance made simple is more than just a tagline; it is at the heart of how we work with you. It means we listen to what you need, we use simple language to explain how we work and we work hard to give you peace of mind. That’s insurance made simple!

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Get Road side assistance
when you need it

If you need help with your car – whether it’s vehicle towing to get you home, or vehicle recovery from your home – we’ll be here to support you.

Our vehicle maintenance benefits save you money on tyres, vehicle inspections, insurance and assist you with battery problems, vehicle glass repairs and replacements.

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Get more out of
life – It’s your call

Everyone can do with more time on their hands and more money in their pocket, and with NextRewards, you get both plus less stress. NextRewards is a lifestyle programme designed especially for you.

We negotiate amazing deals, save you time and money, letting you focus on the things you really want to do. Join now and get access to exclusive deals, 24/7 assistance, discounted services and professional advice to simplify your life.

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