Celebrating 3 years of excellence is an absolutely tremendous achievement and we at the Next360 family celebrate our 3rd anniversary this year. As anyone who has moved in the start-up world will tell you – this is no small accomplishment. While millions of start-ups launch almost every year, few tend to survive the turbulence of change. This has not been the case with the Next360, as we reach the 3 year milestone, it is with great pride that I can say, we have overcome numerous challenges and adapted through unique and difficult circumstances to ultimately persevere as a group.

It is particularly gratifying to be celebrating this anniversary as the future looks so bright. Our customers continually show their confidence in us by giving us their business, by sharing new opportunities and by recommending us to others – especially within the South African domestic market. This shows that our customers have confidence in not only our products, but our team members as well. This confidence has been earned by YOU – our amazing Next360 team. Your extremely high level of quality, consistency and efficiency is what has set us apart from the competition. Your effort and continued dedication gives us all good reason to be excited about our future.

I would like to acknowledge my family and my co-founder Deepak who has only walked with me each stride, even when hardly anyone believed in my vision. I would also like to thank Irfan for believing in me years before Next360 was founded. A special mention of Pradip, firstly for believing and seeing the vision through with me, and playing an instrumental role in stitching all the three main aspects together, ensuring a complete alignment of strategic, operational and tactical sides of the business.

And, of course, a special mention to Vishal, my brother and number one partner in crime. He has been my backbone from the day he was born and the only person at Next360 South Africa who converted tariffs and products from a spreadsheet into actual paying customers!

Last but not least, all our outstanding employees, please accept my heartfelt appreciation for the excellent job you have done over these years. You truly deserve to revel in celebrating 3 years of excellence. It was an enormous undertaking and thanks to your dedication, teamwork and energy, we are now enjoying the results of your hard work. You should all take great pride in your accomplishments and we are grateful for your commitment to achieving our goals.

All the support has enabled me to kick this company into the growth/scale up phase today.

So now for the big question….what’s next? We will now build on the current foundation with a focus on revenue generations from our domestic market, reach penetration in South Africa and UK with the core focus on the global travel segment. It’s now time to tighten the seat belts and embark on the journey to start reaping fruits of our existing infrastructure (31 networks) and expand in terms of more network and building Next Money Platform which will provide comprehensive Mobile Financial Services platform to provide cross border trade payments from a B2B perspective and digital payments solutions like wallets, P2P, P2M payment capabilities from a B2C perspective.

Our sacrifice, time, dedication, knowledge and commitment are the first foundation of Next360. The bright and sunny future awaits us. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to Next360, and here’s to many more successful years.