Meet the Next360 CEO, Jignesh Dave.

“Don’t be afraid to fail.” – This is one of the many attitudes that sets Jignesh Dave apart. He’s a natural relationship-builder with a result-oriented approach and determination that brings his well-crafted strategies to life, and he is the CEO of Next360. 

Born in the town of Jamnagar, India, the local entrepreneurial spirit was instilled in Jignesh from a young age and sent him along a life path of problem-solving with a love for discovering unique business opportunities. “I have always believed that everyone has greatness inside of them. And we all owe it to ourselves to rise to our peak potential. I’ve always thought that on your deathbed, you could be saying one of two things. I wish I had or… I am glad I did.”

It’s not just the love of the game that drives Jignesh, being the eldest son in a family where none of the men have lived over the age of 50 in the last 4 generations means that there is also some humanity behind his ambition. “Since my father passed away early on I have a need to constantly try to be the ideal son for my parents and to achieve at least half of what my own father achieved in his lifetime.” 

Not just a businessman Jignesh is also a dedicated family man, and husband to in his words “ the most gorgeous woman” and a proud father to his son. So when he’s not negotiating new deals or in the office, you’ll find Jignesh enjoying his family life or perfecting his swing on the golf course.

“Focus on creating abundance, constant worry about your finances can wreck your business fast!” When it comes to business Jignesh has a wealth of experience from across the globe having worked for large multinational corporations and enjoyed great career success on three continents namely Asia, Europe, and Africa, and he is now devoting his extensive experience to the Next360 group based in South Africa.

When asked about his leadership style Next360 CEO Jignesh Dave is adamant about never forgetting the human behind the numbers. “I believe that leaders create leaders. Not followers. That means that within our organization no one is left behind. We work with our staff to help them to grow to be the best that they can be, and in turn, that means our customers receive the best possible products and services. It all starts at the top.”

“I have a 5 point plan for leadership success that I follow. 1. Ideas, 2. Team, 3. Business Model, 4. Funding and 5 Timing. Execution matters a lot, but the timing might matter even more. Mostly the startups fail or run out of time with the main reason being funding.

Having a great idea is all well and good, implementing them is a little trickier. Luckily Jignesh has more useful advice to provide for your next big business idea “Find your passion and focus on spending your time on this, then create a business around it. Turn to your elders for support. To reach your goals in a fraction of time, work with people who have walked this path before you and succeeded”

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