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Next360 has identified the best lifestyle essential products in the market at the best rates and developed the following specialist divisions to offer these products to their clientele.

Next Cellular Product Logo

NextCellular – Tourist SIM Card Cellular Network

NextCellular is a dynamic new Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). We are the first South African cellular network to focus on tourists and offering specialized products and services to make tourist communication simpler. For more details, visit www.nextcellular.com

Next Money Product Logo

NextMoney – Pay Day Loan money cards

NextMoney is a revolutionary way of giving you the extra money you need every month-end, without you facing the burdens of high-interest rates, inflated services fees and being offered benefits you don't need. It is a combination of what you like about a Credit card and what you enjoy from a good Benefits Card. For detailed information on NextMoney card, how it works and how to apply, visit www.nextmoney.co.za

Next Insure Product Logo

NextInsure – Medical, Short term and Life Insurance

NextInsure offers a range of products including life insurance, funeral cover and household insurance. NextInsure aims to make insurance simple and provide a full range of customizable insurance solutions. More than just a tag line, “insurance made simple" is at the heart of how NextInsure work with clients and above all, helping to guarantee peace of mind.

Next Insure Product Logo

NextDrive – Roadside Assist, Minor Motor Claims Cover

Designed to give freedom, NextInsure offers roadside assistance and minor motor claims cover. Vehicle maintenance benefits that helps save money on tyres, vehicle inspections, insurance and assists with battery problems, vehicle glass repairs and replacements.

Next Rewards Logo

NextRewards – Client Benefits and Discounts Program

NextRewards is a lifestyle benefits Programme designed to offer you amazing deals and discounts on the things that really matter. Combined with Next360’s other amazing products, these benefits won’t cost you a cent. Be it dining, entertainment, travel or shopping discounts, NextRewards is simply the BEST benefits programme out there .